RSJ Beam or Fabricated Beam?

rsj beam

RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) beams and fabricated beams are both vital structural elements in construction, each with its unique characteristics and applications.

What are RSJ beams?

RSJ beams, also known as universal beams, are rolled steel sections with a distinctive “ɪ” shape. They are commonly used in construction due to their excellent load-bearing capacity and structural integrity. The design of RSJ beams allows them to efficiently distribute weight along their length, making them ideal for supporting heavy loads over long spans. Their versatility makes them suitable for various applications, including in the construction of bridges, buildings, and industrial structures. RSJ beams are manufactured to standardised dimensions, ensuring consistency and ease of installation on-site.

What are Fabricated beams?

Fabricated beams are made to measure structural members created by welding together steel plates or sections. Fabricated beams offer flexibility in design, allowing engineers to tailor them to specific project requirements. This customisation capability makes fabricated beams suitable for complex or unconventional structural designs where standard RSJ beams may not suffice. Fabricated beams can be engineered to accommodate unique loadings, shapes, and connection details, providing greater design freedom to architects and engineers.

Choosing between RSJ beams and Fabricated beams?

When choosing between RSJ beams and fabricated beams, several factors come into play, including project specifications, budget constraints, and structural requirements. RSJ beams are often preferred for straightforward applications where standard sizes meet project needs and cost-effectiveness is a priority. Fabricated beams, on the other hand, are favoured for projects with specialised design requirements or architectural constraints that demand customised solutions.

In conclusion, both RSJ beams and fabricated beams play essential roles in modern construction, offering distinct advantages depending on the project’s demands. While RSJ beams provide standardised strength and efficiency, fabricated beams offer versatility and customisation, allowing for innovative structural solutions. Ultimately, the choice between RSJ beams and fabricated beams hinges on the specific needs and objectives of the construction project.

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