P275NL2/NL1/NH are European grades of steel used primarily in the fabrication of pressure vessels and boilers. These steels are known for their excellent mechanical properties and are widely utilised in industries requiring high reliability and durability under pressure. Here’s an overview of these steels:

Key Characteristics

High Tensile Strength

  • P275NL2/NL1/NH: These steels have a minimum tensile strength of approximately 370-510 MPa, ensuring the material can withstand significant stress without failure.

High Yield Strength

  • P275NL2/NL1: They have a minimum yield strength of 275 MPa, providing the material with the ability to bear substantial loads without permanent deformation.
  • P275NH: It also offers a minimum yield strength of 275 MPa, ensuring robustness under heavy loads.

Good Ductility

  • P275NL2/NL1/NH: These steels exhibit excellent ductility, allowing them to deform under high stress rather than breaking, which is crucial for pressure-containing applications.

Superior Toughness

  • P275NL2/NL1: They maintain good toughness, particularly at lower temperatures, which is essential for preventing brittle fracture in pressure vessels.
  • P275NH: It also provides excellent toughness, ensuring safety under varying operational temperatures.

Excellent Weldability

  • P275NL2/NL1/NH: The chemical composition of these steels allows for effective welding, which is critical in the construction of large pressure vessels and boilers.


P275NL2, P275NL1, and P275NH steels are high-performance materials ideal for the fabrication of pressure vessels and boilers. With their high tensile and yield strength, excellent toughness, and good weldability, they ensure the structural integrity and safety of equipment operating under high pressure and temperature conditions. These steels are essential in industries such as:

  • Chemical Processing: Where reliable containment of chemicals under pressure is critical.
  • Oil and Gas: For safe operation in drilling, extraction, and transport equipment.
  • Power Generation: Ensuring durability and safety in boilers and pressure vessels used in power plants.
  • Applications:

    Pressure Vessel

  • Grades:

    P275NL2 / NL1 / NH

  • Standards:

    EN10028 - 3

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